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GPS Vehicle Tracking Can Improve The Net Earnings Of A Company

With the help of a GPS vehicle tracking system, the providers can enhance their net earnings by reducing the total costs of the operating fleet, enhancing the overall productivity of the fleet and offering automated alternatives to back office operations. A conventional vehicle tracking system offers all that is needed by a company to upraise […]

Garmin Nuvi 2797LMT: A Great Road Guide

Technology nowadays has been far different compared to the technology way back years ago. It has gone so far that it already allows individuals, whether they are airborne, land or sea, to know their exact location, time, weather conditions, and velocity through the help of GPS.Aside from providing you with necessary information, GPS can also […]

How GPS Tracking Helps Your Company and Your Workers

GPS tracking can potentially be a sensitive topic pertaining to drivers. Many drivers are sensitive to having this sort of information exposed. However, a majority of these insecurities are based on false premises or assumptions. GPS tracking details to the prime company about the drivers’ routes, speed, and location. Although this information may appear to […]

Benefits of Garmin GPS Accessories

Garmin GPS systems have gained a soaring popularity among the consumers, who seek to cut back on the time required to reach their destinations. Modern devices feature portability and is integrated with a facility of accurate tracking. Further, these devices have a user-friendly interface for outputting routes onto it. Regardless of the fact that these […]

GPS Lone Worker Tracking System

Lone workers are people who work alone in remote or potentially volatile areas and are vulnerable to injury or attack. Their security is increasingly becoming an important area of concern. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the safety and security of their employees who work in isolation. Every organization should take reasonable measures to […]

Isn’t God Amazing? (Some Facts About The GPS)

A few days ago I shared about the true origins of flight. I mentioned that all great and intelligent inventions come from God. This triggered an interesting intellectual discussion in my aviation network of friends and a new issue was raised. My friends and I went on to talk about how modern airplanes use sophisticated […]

Personal GPS Tracking Unit – Is It a Blessing?

We can see a short distance ahead, but personal GPS trackers allow us to monitor a person, wherever he/she goes. It is the device that gives all information about him/her. Usually, it is utilized to track the vehicles, like- taxi, car, bikes, yacht, etc. But, within the few years, the technology has emerged with numerous […]